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...from as little as 25 bottles


Elevate your brand with our precision engraving on handcrafted bamboo lids. Your logo, etched in stunning 8K resolution

MOQ 25 Units

Elite Single
Colour Print

Showcase your brand with elegance using our Elite Single Colour Print. Your logo will be crisp, clear, and prominently displayed on our luxurious bottles

MOQ 150 Units

Vibrant Multi-
Colour Print

Make a bold statement with our Vibrant Multi-Colour Print. Your logo comes to life with rich, vivid colors, ensuring a striking and memorable impression.

MOQ 250 Units

Perfect Pantone

Achieve flawless brand consistency with our Perfect Pantone Match. Your logo will be reproduced in exact colors, providing a seamless and professional look.

MOQ 500 Units

For You

Crafted from the Finest

The planet

One Bottle, 3,500 Plastic
Bottles Collected

The people

Each Bottle Gives 60 Days of
Clean Water

The process was seamless, and the Agua bottles are
top-notch. Our clients love them!

Build your Agua

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Build your Agua


The luxury Agua Bottle bottle that’s centered around you, focused on the planet and supports the people.

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Bold Black, California White, Perfect Pink, Baby Blue, Subtle Sage


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More than just a bottle.

3,500 plastic bottles!

the amount of carbon dioxide we remove with every Agua bottle

Our Mission

We’re on a Mission to Make a Difference.

For Your Business.
For Our Planet.
For Those in Need.

There’s no wizardry here.
We’re transparent about the good, the bad and the ugly.

Join us in making a real positive impact.
Are you ready to be a part of the change?

Building for tomorrow,

At Agua, we exist to make a meaningful difference for people and the planet. We believe in collective action to restore our environment and improve lives. Our mission is to reforest barren lands and provide clean water to those in need, tackling two global challenges.

Crafted from the world’s finest materials, our exquisite bottles are designed with health and well-being in mind. They symbolize a commitment to a better world. Choosing Agua means joining a movement for lasting, positive change.

Together, we can restore hope, heal the environment, and provide life-saving resources, one bottle at a time.

Bringing life to forgotten

Meet Ibrahim, a young boy in Iraq whose family has endured years of war and conflict. Like many children in his situation, Ibrahim has been forgotten by the world and struggles daily for basic necessities, including clean water

Through our partnership with the UN-affiliated Al Ayn Social Care Foundation, Ibrahim's life has taken a turn for the better. With every Agua bottle sold, we provide 60 days of clean drinking water to children like Ibrahim

This means fewer illnesses from waterborne diseases and a chance for Ibrahim to grow up healthy and strong. It means he can go to school and dream of a brighter future without the constant fear of contaminated water.

By choosing an Agua bottle, you're not just buying a product—you’re giving children like Ibrahim the gift of clean water and a better life

Planting Hope.
Growing Change.

Meet Maria, a resilient farmer in the Philippines. Her land, once barren from deforestation, is now flourishing thanks to our partnership with One Tree Planted, an official UN Reforestation Programme partner.

Each Agua bottle you purchase plants trees on Maria’s land, removing 300kg of CO2—equivalent to 3,500 plastic bottles. This isn't just about trees; it’s about restoring hope and creating a thriving ecosystem for wildlife.

Maria’s life has been transformed. The forest provides sustainable income, allowing her to support her children’s education and uplift her community. By choosing Agua, you’re reducing plastic waste and empowering families like Maria’s.

When you buy Agua, you too are part of Maria journey. And Maria is just one of thousands we’re looking to help. Join us in making a real difference.

Thoughtful Luxury.

60 days of clean drinking water

for a person in need with every bottle sold


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