The bottle that keeps on giving.

Where We Are Today

Agua London believes in being a game-changing brand, rewriting the rules of the luxury industry. We’re unlike anyone else. We’re here to take your lifestyle to the next level, while transforming the world with everything that we do.

Agua London was founded in January 2021 and has since grown into a team of seven young and outstanding individuals. We’re located across three countries and represent 4 ethnicities. We also speak over 6 languages. We’re proud to say that our team is also 60% female, milestones ahead of anyone else. We’re proud that we’re doing the right thing.

Where We Started

Agua wasn’t always what it is today. We started from humble beginnings, as a team on a mission. Here’s our founders story.

Agua’s journey began in 2020, when we were struggling to find the right reusable bottle after trying many. We found either our health could be at risk, or they were too ugly and impractical. Stainless steel versions left a bitter aftertaste and have been found to contain dangerous levels of lead and bacteria. Plastic ones destroy the planet and certainly do not look elegant (in addition to being incubators for germs). There were no good alternatives, and more than that, we couldn’t find a water bottle brand that spoke volumes about who we were and what what stand for. We were then inspired to create one. With that, Agua was born.

For you

The planet

The people

The Bamboo Lid

To create a truly positive impact on all those around us, we wanted to handcraft a bottle from the world’s finest sustainable materials. We began our journey in Thailand, where bamboo is grown. With over 1400 bamboo species, finding the right one was imperative. The one we chose had to be organic, native to the area and full of benefits.

In our search for a bamboo that offers antibacterial characteristics and unparalleled strength (which can be wet and dropped several times), we came across a type of bamboo grown by a native family. Our chosen bamboo has naturally antimicrobial properties (known as bamboo kun), which can prevent bacteria from getting inside, giving your body an added layer of protection. Chemical-free, antifungal and hypoallergenic. It’s the perfect material for sealing your bottle.

The Glass Body

After choosing the perfect lid material, we went the extra mile to make every aspect of the bottle truly luxurious. The body of the bottle was next, and there is nothing more hygienic and safer than glass (psst, that's why we all use it at home!) However, there are over a hundred varieties of glass available! Our research led us to find a special glass that is durable and has health benefits. In contrast to other reusable bottles, this glass is toxic-free, chemical-free, and BPA-free. It’s so safe, it’s used for medical purposes. This makes it among the most durable glass available, able to withstand temperatures of up to 230 °C, or down to -60 °C.

The Drinking Experience

Once we had chosen the bottle's two core materials, our next step was to create a drinking experience that offered a fresh, delicious taste with each sip. Therefore, we developed our own aftertaste-free technology. This ensures no bitter, plastic or lingering aftertastes. Our focus on re-engineering features of the reusable bottle didn’t stop there.

We also developed a patented impact-grip technology to add an extra layer of durability and protection against those oops moments (hey, we all have 'em!) Our goal was to give every customer a distinctive drinking experience that's also reliable. Perfect for everyday use!

When bringing it all together, we prioritised a design that was visually appealing, as well as practical and sustainable. By matching the bamboo weight with the appropriate thickness of glass, we created a lightweight, 96% recyclable bottle.

The Silicone Sleeve

The perfected silicone sleeve provides an optimal grip and an incredibly comfortable drinking experience!

Our silicone is sand-based, the same silicone used in medical equipment. Offering enhanced durability and safety due to our patented technology, our silicone has been finished and coated in what we like to call 'feather touch'. Our logos on the sleeve, the top edge, and the cut-outs have been precisely measured to avoid irritating your hands when you hold it, but also offer a little something to satisfy those ASMR tendencies. It looks great, but it’s more fun to play with... Try not to pick at the logo, we dare you!

More Than Just a Bottle.

The essence of our brand is to do the right thing. Authenticity, integrity, and credibility. We just happen to make reusable bottles.

We passionately care about the planet and those less fortunate – it really is a luxury to be able to give back. Our goal for those less fortunate is to help them create a new life of their own in which they are empowered and not dependent. For the planet, we want to future-proof the way we live, growing a forest to not only remove carbon but to support wildlife and build ecosystems.

We do this through our partners, chosen based on credibility and a proven record of being able to do exactly that. We hold all our partners to extremely high standards and have transparency mechanisms to ensure every contribution is having a real impact on the ground.


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