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"Chic, Luxury and Sustainable! Agua London is changing up the water bottle game."

For You

The planet

The people



Comfort your hands with a soft braided rope intertwined with sustainably sourced fibres. It’s never been so easy to have water on the go.



Byebye germs. No more spills. A leak-proof, anti-bacterial bamboo lid, handcrafted from organic bamboo.

More than just a bottle.

3,500 plastic bottles!

the amount of carbon dioxide we remove with every Agua bottle


100% Safe.
BPA & toxin-free.

A specially engineered glass body, redesigned with your well-being in mind. Zero harmful materials, unlike plastic or metal bottles


After-taste free.
Heat resistant.
Freeze resistant.

Go from orange juice to water without tasting a thing. Or test agua with extreme temperatures. Switch from iced coffees to boiling, leafy teas and your agua will never crack.

Thoughtful Luxury.

60 days of clean drinking water

for a person in need with every bottle sold


Silky Smooth.
Accurate Measure.
Your Personality.

A soft silicone sleeve, finished in our own ‘feather touch’ luxury feel. Featuring precisely measured slits at 100ml intervals, agua enables you to track your daily intake (or make the perfect concoction).


Everyday Ready.
Enhanced Durability.

‘Oops’ moments are inevitable. Hence, our patented impactgrip technology provides an added layer of durability. Mathematically engineered grips protect the bottle when it’s dropped at an angle.

agua's features

for you


Zero harmful materials, unlike plastic or metal bottles. No toxins, BPA or chemicals


The perfect amount without weighing you down, making it easier than ever to drink on the go

Sustainability Focused

Agua is completely recyclable, removes carbon and is made from organic materials

Temperature Resistant

Go from boiling teas to frozen iced coffees, your agua won’t crack (up to 230°C or -60°C)

Never Lose Track

Sleeve slits with 100ml markings allow you to instantly see your liquid level at a glance

Protecting Your Immune System

Antibacterial properties in our lids mean that you can go from sweaty gyms to sparkling kitchens without worrying about bacteria transfer.

Grip Technology

Our soft-touch sleeve provides additional grip to keep your bottle safe

Made From Glass. Built Like Metal.

Have confidence knowing that our patented technology will reduce damage to your bottle on impact.

Vegan & Animal Cruelty-Free

Our bottles are made from organic materials, and are free from animal testing. So that's better for your skin, healthier for your body and safer for our planet.

Comfort Redesigned

Drinking water has never felt so good, thanks to our soft-fibre rope and silky sleeve.

No More Wet Bags

Agua is completely leak-proof, so you can toss it in your bag without worrying about a thing.

From Juice to Water, Without a Taste

Switch from liquids and drinks with no horrible lingering taste or smell. A rinse is all it needs thanks to our aftertaste free technology.

for the planet

Not just planting a tree, we're building forests.

Each Agua bottle supports an ecosystem for all forms of organisms, animals and life to thrive.

Zero Carbon Emissions

We’re proudly carbon negative. We remove more carbon than we add to our atmosphere!

3,500 Plastic Bottles!

Through our forest, each bottle funds the removal of 300kg of carbon dioxide, equivalent to 3,500 single use plastic bottles from our environment.

Fully Recyclable*

We hope you never want to dispose of your agua, but if you do, its entirely recyclable*

for the people

60 Days of Clean Drinking Water

With the sale of every bottle, Agua gives clean drinking water to a person in need for 60 days!

Empowering Communities

We train, educate and upskill workers in our forest to break them free from the poverty trap.

Reducing Gender Discrimination

Our forests employ women while ensuring the same pay as men for the work they do.

Access to food and medicine

The plants we grow in our forest provides food for local communities, and key plants for medicinal and herbal remedies.


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